It is now common for most businesses to be opting for outsourcing as this is one way for them to decrease the labor cost that they have. Another thing that employers also do is to hire foreign workers to come in the US for them to do a specific task. There are many reasons for this one. one f which is that many foreign workers have the right set of skills to be able to accomplish a particular job. Another reason is that there are fewer workers in a specific area to be able to complete the task at hand. No matter what the reasons are, it is the responsibility of the employer to see to it that the foreign worker will have My Classified Ads labor certification and they can do that by means of petitioning them.


It is when you will be wanting to migrate in the US that you will be needing to apply for a US citizenship and immigration service so that you will be able to enter the country. If you are a worker, on the other hand, must make sure that they will be applying to the government to ensure that they will b able t get a legitimate job and will also be needing a permission so that they can enter the country. It is all its process that can make it confusing and complicated for many people.


It is the responsibility of the employer to see to it that he will be applying for a labor certification for his employees at the Department of Labor. It is also the Department of Labor that will also see to it that hiring foreign workers will not also cause a loss of job for American workers. It is now the employer that should show reasons why he needs it hire foreign workers for the job that he requires.


When the employer will be able to secure My Classified Ads foreign labor certificate that he will now be applying for an immigration visa at the UCIS. You have to remember that it is the labor certification that will not be a guarantee that the employee will automatically get a visa as there are many different requirements that the UCIS will be needing so that the immigration visa can be approved. Once they are able to get an immigration visa that they must now make sure that they will get an immigration number from the U.S. Department of State. Once all of these requirements are fulfilled then that's the only time that they will be able to work in the US.



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